We match, evaluate, develop, and optimize human capital and growth so that you can optimize your business.

We do this through Commitment, Analysis, and Competence

"We are convinced that the matching between organization and individual is absolutely crucial for a company's or organization's long-term success, thus a solid process is needed in order to minimize risk"

McCloud Miller is a company that matches and develops people and organizations through solid experience, competence and commitment. We use proven tools, models, and processes to minimize risk and optimize long-term development and success for our customers - We find the potential in each individual, team, and organization. We operate in the Scandinavian market and have representation in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo to be able to meet our customers where they operate.


We have been operating in the HR area in Scandinavia since 1992 and have successfully ensured a match between individual, team and organization. We work with Development and Optimizing which ensures long-term and the right support for our customers through coaching, mentorship, teams, sales, and leadership development.


We call ourselves "Strategic People Partners" - something we proudly live up to in our assignments through innovation, a genuine interest, developed processes in combination with the best tools.


We focus on close relationships with our clients by familiarizing ourselves with the conditions and through a genuine commitment. Close contact with our customers is a prerequisite for successful and high-quality matches and the development of people in the organizations we work with. We ensure this through a professional approach, relevant industry knowledge, and a very strong belief in the individual's power regardless of age and background.

We have a number of service areas in which we operate to ensure that we are a long-term strategic partner for our customers.

Headhunting - Growth - Matching - Assessment - Development - Optimizing - Cultural Transformation

"Building the Human Capital of Tomorrow - Together"